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QuattroFlow Pumps

QuattroFlow Q4400SU

A Unique Solution to Common Problems

Many biopharmaceutical processes involve pumping very expensive, delicate fluids. Process profitability can be greatly affected by lost product, lost production or low yields.

Has your process suffered from:

  • Inefficient pumps damaging delicate products?
  • Pump failures resulting in leaks and lost product?
  • Downtime caused by failures and difficult maintenance procedures?
Features Benefits
Unique 4-diaphragm pumping system Low pulsation, high pressure capability
Duckbill Valves Low Shear with minimal product degradation
High Volumetric Efficiency Low temperature rise
Self-Priming Pump from carboys, drums, buffer bags, etc
4-position casing Adjustable pump orientation
Stainless Steel Housing Fully traceable, suitable for most cleaning regimens
USP Class VI elastomers Minimal leachables
heavy duty shaft and bearings Prevent pump damage during upset conditions
Ease of maintenance - No mechanical seals! Normal wear parts can be replaced in 5-10 minutes
using one tool, no special training required!

Quattroflow pumps are the solution for applications where low shear, low pulsation, high pressure or low temperature rise are required.

QuattroFlow 20K

QuattroFlow 20k
Flow rate: 20.0 - 360 LPM at 0 PSIG with 100:1 Vector drive
Materials: Standard body is SS 316L
Elastomers: Santoprene, EPDM, Class VI
Electrical: 5 HP drive with 3:1 reducer
Connections: 2" sanitary clamp
Weight: 450 lbs with drive system
Download the QuattroFlow 20K User Manual
QuattroFlow 20K Performance Curve

QuattroFlow 4400S

QuattroFlow 4400S
Flow rate: 0.95-95.0 LPM at 0 PSIG with 3HP drive or 0.45-45.0 LPM at 0 PSIG with 2HP drive
Materials: Standard body is SS316L, Class VI Polypropylene, and other specials upon request
Elastomers: Santoprene, EPDM, Class VI
Electrical: 3HP Direct Drive or 2HP reduced drive, 100:1 turndown 230/1 or 230/460/3 VAC power
Connections: 1.5" sanitary clamp
Weight: 210 lbs with drive system
Download the Quattroflow 4400S User Manual
QuattroFlow 4400S Performance Curve

QuattroFlow 1200S

QuattroFlow 1200S
Flow rate: 0.15-18.3 LPM at 0 PSIG with 5 degree cam or 0.09-11.0 LPM at 0 PSIG with 3 degree cam